Race Series:

Masters Pre-66 Minis

Races for the Great British Icon!


The Masters Pre-66 Mini races are open to all four-seater passenger cars from the Mini family produced prior to 1966. All cars must comply with Appendix K to the Code!


All cars must be in possession of a current valid FIA Historic Technical Passport (HTP) issued by a National Automobile Club (ASN) or other national body recognised by the FIA, and must be provided for each car entered, and produced at scrutineering at each Competition for which it is entered. All Competitors must submit to MHR a full copy (hard or electronic) of their HTP before their first race. It is the Competitors' responsibility to ensure that the copy of the HTP provided to MHR is current and complete.

MHR reserves the right to accept entries from cars that:
a) may comply with the correct homologated specification of Appendix K but have yet to acquire HTP papers.
b) have raced in Masters Pre-66 Touring cars during the 2018 or 2019 race seasons
c) competed in the Betty Richmond Trophy at the 2019 Goodwood Members Meeting
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