With over 750 racing members worldwide each year, Masters is a fantastic racing community that is always evolving as we welcome new faces into the clan! You’ll always find like-minded racing enthusiasts, a great selection of events, friendly faces and plenty of support at Masters!

Your 2024 Masters Membership

The Masters Membership fee for 2024 will remain £495 (575 euros). Whether you are racing one car or several cars during a season, the Membership fee covers you to race in any Masters race throughout the season. Additionally, with your membership, you will get two VIP passes for the Masters Drivers Club at each event this year.

And that’s not all; we also have some special offers and Membership incentives for you this upcoming season:

  • 6 Free VIP Drivers Club passes for the year if you register for your 2024 membership by 1st March! (Subject to advanced booking and a maximum of 2 passes at any one weekend).
  • Discounted Rates for Masters Members at the Masters Test Day at Donington Park on 19th March! (Places will be subject to availability & extra cars can be booked at a discounted rate).
  • Loyalty Discounts on your Race Entries: For every 5th race entry you book and pay for in 2024, you will receive 25% off your fifth race entry fee.

With all this on offer, we hope you will get the most out of your Masters Membership in 2024!

Let’s Go Racing in 2024!

Become a part of The Masters Racing Family!

Join Masters, a place where our drivers and teams are a part of one big international racing family! At Masters you will find:

  • Community: A brilliant community where you can learn, grow, share, race and celebrate with likeminded friends and peers.
  • World-famous circuits: Great track time at some of the most iconic circuits and events internationally.
  • Diverse Racing Series: With our six racing series, we have got something for everyone.
  • Support: Comprehensive support to you and your team throughout the race season.
  • Competitive & Fair Racing: Well-managed racing that is enjoyable and suitable for all.
  • Fun-filled season: There is always a vibrant atmosphere in the Masters Drivers Club – a fun place to relax and mingle with peers and friends on race weekends.
  • Acknowledgement: Opportunities to display your skills and be recognised amongst peers.
  • Value: Value for money entry fees with an importance placed on your needs and feedback
“Masters is a fantastic racing community that is always changing as we welcome new faces into the clan!”


Stuck to know if your car is eligible or which series it might fit into? Fear not, we are here to help! Our Masters website has a rundown of our race series and what cars are eligible for them – take a look at the race series here.
Or, you can always email us the details to: team@mastershistoricracing.com