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The Masters Historic Racing Brand Story

One man’s dream to do it differently...

Masters Historic Racing was created out of one man’s dream to do it differently. Ron Maydon, Founder and President of Masters, is the man behind this timeless motor-racing dream.

The once racing-mad 11 old, who attempted to cycle from Aylesbury to Brands Hatch in the early dawn to see Jim Clark racing (only to be escorted back home by a policeman), Ron Maydon went on to realise his childhood racing dream by owning and racing his own historic cars.

Keen to share this passion with his family and friends, Ron soon realised that the facilities at events for drivers and how the historic racing events were managed, simply didn’t create an enjoyable experience for the drivers to enjoy their hobby with their families and friends. 

If historic cars and their drivers were going to continue racing into the modern day, if fans were going to continue to enjoy these iconic cars racing on the world’s greatest circuits and not just stuck in a museum, something had to change.

Ron Maydon
Founder and President of Masters

In 2004, Ron decided to change how historic motor racing was done...

The key ingredients, in Ron’s mind, needed to transform historic motorsport were;
  • A respected and professionally run race series - with integrity and honesty at their core;
  • A community of racing drivers and enthusiasts who were passionate about historic racing; 
  • Drivers and owners who wanted to be the custodians of these iconic cars and saw it as their responsibility to keeping them alive on track - for all to enjoy;
  • A great camaraderie between all involved;
  • Professional customer service for drivers, their families and preparers;
  • And last but not least, a fun and relaxed environment for drivers and their families to enjoy!

Creating the ‘Grand Prix Masters’...

With these values in mind, Ron set out to create the ‘Grand Prix Masters’ series for historic formula one cars of the 3-litre era.  And with that the lights went out and 14 Masters Historic Formula One cars took to the track at Pau, France in May 2004.  Masters Historic Racing was born!
17 Years On...

It’s been 17 years since we first started and today, Masters Historic Racing has become one of the leading promoters of historic motor racing, offering its drivers the chance to race at the best historic racing events and most prestigious tracks around the world!

Born from that one series back in 2004, Masters now runs 7 race series through the UK, Europe and North America.  Having held over 200 events, in 15 of different countries since 2004, with 750 members on average each year, we value our members and their support and, even after 17 years, we are still learning and trying to improve how we do things….!  

We do what we say…

“We understand what the drivers want and want to ensure that they get it - at Masters, we do what we say”…and today, with this approach, Masters Historic Racing has grown to earn the respect of its growing member community, now covering over 60 years of motor racing history in 7 different race series, including the only two FIA Historic Championships that it has been promoting since 2013.  

From Historic Formula One and Historic Sports Cars to 60s Touring cars and GT cars, through to the more modern Masters Endurance Legends cars, Masters caters for a wide range of historics. There’s something for every racing enthusiast to enjoy at Masters!  

Who races with us?

If racing was one of your childhood dreams and you want to make your reality, if racing competitively whilst keeping it fun and safe is important, if you want to feel inspired and inspire others to take part in and enjoy our fantastic sport, if sharing your hobby with friends and family as an experience is important to you…you’re already one of the Masters family. Come and join the camaraderie and buzzing community of down-to-earth, racing enthusiasts at Masters!  

Meet the Masters Team

The Masters Team is here to look after you and ensure every race is the best experience you can have.

You can rest assured, whether it’s choosing a race series, which car to race, preparing for the race, support throughout the race weekend, hotels, member offers, on and off-track activities and more …come rain or shine, we’re here to help!  We know that racing is full of good days and the not-so-good, so if it goes well on race day, we’ll be celebrating with you. And if it doesn’t go so well, you can count on us for a shoulder to cry on and a cold beer on tap.  It’s not just about winning, it’s about the taking part and, most of all, having fun!  

Our Members

We have over 750 racing members worldwide each year and our fantastic community is always developing and changing as we welcome new faces into the clan! You’ll always find like-minded racing enthusiasts, friendly faces and plenty of support at Masters! 

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