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Monday 18th October 2021

Thornton crowned 2021 Season Winner!

The final race of the Masters Historic Formula One season ended on a very special note and a beautiful 1-2 finish with the black and gold cars of 2021 Masters Historic Formula One USA Champion Greg Thornton (1982 Lotus 91/5) and Chris Locke (1976 Lotus 77) crossing the line together.

Thornton would lead the race from pole after taking the title hopes away from contender Cal Meeker (1980 Tyrrell 009) yesterday, who did not start today's race. Yesterday's race also saw Locke retire after he developed a misfire, placing him at the back of the starting grid this afternoon.

Undeterred today, Locke jumped up the order from eighth to fourth place by the second lap, where he continued to improve another place to third when Bud Moeller (1982 Williams FW08) suffered a broken half shaft running ahead of him on lap 7. The second half of the race saw the two Lotus lead every lap together, with Thornton easing up the final 4 laps to narrow the gap between these Head (ground effect) and Fittipaldi (non-ground effect) class cars.

After the race, Locke explained with friends cheering him on as he got out of his car:

"It kind of made up for yesterday's issues. I was sorry to see Bud drop out, but everybody drove very well and I was lucky to pick up a few positions. It was very nice of Greg, I know he slowed down towards the end so we could have the JPS cars across the finish line together. It was very gentlemanly of him to do that, a lot of fun, and a nice way to end the weekend."

Also on the podium in third place was Ron Maydon (1977 LEC CRP1). Nicholas Colyvas (1976 Shadow DN5) took fourth and was complementary of the field in front of him:

"Ron Maydon and Chris Locke are just too fast for me in this car. Their cars looked much more stable than mine and they're just on it and driving better... We're finding some areas to develop on the car...but, was that fun? Unbelievable - these cars are amazing. Everything happens so much faster than anything else you'll ever drive."

Gray Gregory (1976 March 761) and Charles Warner (1979 Shadow DN9) finished fifth and sixth behind Colyvas to take the final points of the race.


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