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Sunday 28th May 2023

Wiltshire gets the win in second Masters Endurance Legends race at Brands

Stuart Wiltshire made it one each for Peugeot 90X drivers in Masters Endurance Legends, as he romped to victory in the day’s second race at Brands Hatch. Unchallenged by race 1 winner Steve Brooks whose 90X succumbed to gearbox maladies, Wiltshire took a clear win from Marcus Jewell and Ben Clucas in the P3 class-winning Ligier JSP3.

“Nothing to say, it was quite lonely”, said Wiltshire. “We got a win, but we haven’t got the car dialled in yet.”

Jewell and Clucas came out on top of a three-way fight for ultimate Ligier glory, prevailing over Craig Davies and Ron Maydon, while the Stephan Joebstl/Andy Willis fell by the wayside after succumbing to brake problems halfway into the race.

“It was good, two wins in class”, said Clucas, “and Marcus had a good battle in his race.”

Mike Furness took fourth in the Courage LC75 while Colin Sowter bagged a pair of GT wins in his Ferrari 458 GT3. The James Hagan/Chris Atkinson ORECA FLM09 dropped out early on, the former Formula Le Mans car stopping out on the circuit at Westfield on lap 6.

“I had a spin at the beginning”, said Sowter, who thus missed out on fighting with the prototypes. “After that, I was playing catch-up…”

After a hard and damaging first race earlier on the day, a smaller field of prototypes and GTs lined up for the second Masters Endurance Legends race of the Masters Historic Festival. Race 1 winner Steve Brooks was out with a broken gearbox while Richard Meins’ Peugeot 90X and the Jason Green/Neil Glover Ligier JSP3 could not be fixed in time after their off in the morning. The same sadly applied to the Alan Purbrick/David Brise Lola B12/60.

This left Stuart Wiltshire as the only driver to fly the Peugeot colours, as it led a trio of Ligier JSP3s, Marcus Jewell in front of Craig Davies and Stephan Joebstl. Behind those, James Hagan in the ORECA FLM09 battled Mike Furness in the Courage-Judd LC75, followed by Colin Sowter’s Ferrari 458 GT3.

At the front, Wiltshire was churning away at lowering his lap times further and further, while Jewell, Davies and Joebstl were still nose to tail, 19 seconds down with five laps gone. Mike Furness was now up into fifth, as Hagan’s ORECA had stopped out on the circuit at Westfield, right at the back. One lap later, Davies was seen diving right inside Jewell to snatch second place overall, and soon after, Joebstl was through into third.

15 minutes into the race, Wiltshire led Davies by 41 seconds, as Davies got a breather thanks to Joebstl having an excursion through the grass, as Jewell came in at the first opportunity after the pit window had opened, handing over to Ben Clucas. Next in was Joebstl, but Andy Willis wasn’t taking over, as the car was pushed back into its garage, brake issues having been the cause of the earlier off. Davies then handed over to Ron Maydon, with the leader now coming in as well for his stop. On laps 14 and 15, Furness and Sowter were the last to pit.

All pitstops done, Wiltshire was in front by a full lap, and close to making it two, while Clucas led Maydon by 12 seconds and increasing. Furness was fourth, and this time Sowter was unable to make an impression on the last of the prototypes but still running well in fifth.

Circulating at a controlled pace, Wiltshire rallied off the remaining laps to complete 28 of them to see the chequered flag for his third win of the season. Clucas took second for himself and Marcus Jewell, finishing a lap down, as well as the Craig Davies/Ron Maydon Ligier in third. Both Furness and Sowter were two laps down in fourth and fifth.


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